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“If you’re a straight actor who takes on the role of a gay man, it’s obviously not the same as being one in this business”

SOUNDBITES — “If you’re a straight actor who takes on the role of a gay man, it’s obviously not the same as being one in this business. I think there are still some constraints against being openly gay. It is to do with whatever sexual taboos are in place. In Hollywood, I know that some actors are far more circumspect about keeping that secret hidden. There are not a lot of openly gay leading men.” —A Single Man star Colin Firth, who has a better understanding of what it means to be a gay actor in Hollywood than the film’s director Tom Ford (via)

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  • andy

    I can’t stand TOMFORD. His fragrances smell cheap to me and his clothes are so so boring. That said I love Colin Firth so I will be seeing the movie.

  • Cam

    Good for Colin Firth, amazing how a straight actor can be so much more in tune with reality than Tom Ford.

  • meltelly

    Understanding that the English are “the English,” I was not surprised to know his true feelings on our collective experience within Hole-Hell-Hey! (uh) Hollywood…….he reinforces my good feelings for the English actor. I just hope that one day the artist’s regards become more institutionalized and not disregarded for the mindset of “the Man” – be it of the Wasp or the Zionist , hee hee….Don’t trip me up on that last’s all good, I guess.

  • Robert, NYC

    If more straights were like Colin, we’d be in a far better place. We need every straight man and woman on our side to get equality. Kudos to Colin, one classy act.

  • Chuck

    How many gay characters has Colin Firth played so far? I’m just sayin…

  • Jacob

    Colin is awesome, its official lol!

    I love his movies :o)

  • Robert, NYC

    Chuck, I think its probably about three. I could be wrong. “Another Country” with Rupert Everett I believe, “Mamma Mia” and there’s one other I can’t recall right now, maybe its more than three.

  • Rodrigo, UY

    Robert, there is one where he plays an apparently (it is never discussed) gay man who owns an art house cinema in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The name of the movie escapes me but it is as bad as it sounds.

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