If You’re Going to Bitch About GOProud Supporting Conservatives, What About Gay Inc. Supporting Do-Nothing Liberals?

The sponsorship of next month’s conservative pow-wow CPAC by right-y gay group GOProud — where the organization won’t even be allowed to speak, for it supports gay marriage — is as much about wondering why self-appointed gay leaders are aligning themselves with the delusional crowd that includes the Liberty Counsel and the John Birch Society as it is about the gay in-fighting between gay conservatives and gay liberals. And GOProud’s chairman Christopher Barron is sick of all your bitching.

In an eloquent op-ed explaining why GOProud is not abandoning its CPAC sponsorship (despite calls from gays and vehement right-wing heterosexuals to do so), Barron, predictably, launches into the liberals:

In a case of truly strange bedfellows, the gay left has joined the most radical elements of the social conservative movement in attacking GOProud’s participation. You can understand the fear of extremists on the far right: They know the impact GOProud’s sponsorship will have on undercutting their anti-gay message. These people rely on manipulating fear of what is unknown or different. But why is the gay left so angry about it?

The answer is simple. They are far more interested in politics then they are in achieving equality of opportunity for gays and lesbians and their families.

For much of the gay left the world is divided into two easily definable camps: Democrats, who by definition are infallible and should be defended at all costs; and Republicans, who regardless of their positions on LGBT issues are the enemy.

The leadership on the gay left has repeatedly made excuses for inaction by the Obama administration and the Democratic House and Senate on the gay and lesbian issues they claim are critical to our community. While they make excuses for the failures of Democrats, they ignore — or in some cases actively oppose — policies promoted by Republicans that would improve the lives of gays and lesbians.

We’re not about to launch into the age-old debate about whether liberals have done more for LGBT equality than conservatives, but: They have. Except Barron’s point about leadership among liberals wholly dropping the ball on our rights? We wouldn’t disagree. But in the game of Choose Your Battles, trying to convince members of a political party that actively endorsed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage (as one example) in order to drive voter turn out to back gay rights is just a slightly greater challenge than, say, doing so with a group that supposedly prides itself on civil rights. Oh, wait, Democrats supported the Defense of Marriage Act too?

Dammit, Barron’s got us! Well, enjoy the shrimp cocktail.