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If You’re not a Man and not a Woman, Perhaps you are Nepalese

Wedged halfway between the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and China’s Xigazê prefecture is a little slice of awesome.

The country of Nepal has added a third gender to its census forms, thus accommodating citizens who don’t quite feel right within the gender binary. It’s been a rocky road getting here — a few months ago, activists were arrested after demanding the census changes.

But it’s a little unclear what “third gender” means. It is just for people like Justin Bond, who refuse to go by “he” and “she”? Or is it a segregated category for all LGBTs?

Check out this confusing quote from Dilu Buduja: “I was born as a girl, but as I grew up I felt I was a boy. Today I totally feel like a man,” he said.

Okay, so you feel like a man. So … is that what you’ll check off on the census form? We are having trouble following your assertion that you feel like a man now that you are allowed to refer to yourself as something other than a man.

At any rate, we are pleased to report that Nepal is rapidly becoming one of the best places for queers in South Asia. Along with trans-friendly policies regarding birth certificates, the country is expected to recommend legalizing marriage for gay couples soon.

Will Nepal become a hotspot for gay tourism dollars? As a matter of fact, it already is.

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