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If You’re Not Bisexual, You’re Sexist: More From Onision’s Misplaced Commentary

Initially we were on the fence about popular vlogger Onision and his advice distribution. His intents were in the right place, we thought, but his words just came out wrong. Like when he was advising queer/questioning youth to stay in the closet: He just wanted to keep them safe, but he ended up advocating young people STFU about their sexuality. Or when he told kids how to avoid getting beat up at school: Give in to the bullying and submit to hiding your true self. Stupid words for American youth. And now, stupid words for everybody.

The above video is probably meant as an LOL, but after watching Onision dish out damaging counsel, who the hell knows anymore.

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  • terrwill

    Davey Wavey may be a chucklehead but at least he is hot, same with Chris Rushton, the kid lookin for a straight acting guy, and most of the other guys Queerts pull from You-Tube obscurity……..This guy is not hot, doesn’t have a good message to band about, and I am certain the cadavar dogs would pick up a scent in his backyard……..Why keep featuring him?????

  • walt

    He’s got his creep factor turned up to eleven.

  • Cam

    That guy is such a huge closet case it almost isn’t worth commenting.

  • soul_erosion

    Oh for fukks sake, not this CREATURE again, he looks like the spawn of Rob Lowe and Peter O’Toole.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    LOL or stupidity? Queerty can’t tell and neither can I.

    Per Onosion’s commentary though, his logic is illogical. One of one race can determine to not date one of another race for non-racial reasons: the subject is already in a relationship with someone of a different race; one does not find romantic interest in a particular race.

    As to whether one is sexist for not engaging in sexual relations with both sexes, well, for this into all races gay boy slut, not sleeping with women is not sexist, it is being respectful to myself and to women. I don’t desire to have sex with women so I confine myself to having sex with those I do desire. And why in the world would I even consider disrespecting women and engaging in sex with someone with whom I have no desires. Make some poor women endure me lack of desire in her just so I can make some superficial claim that I am not sexist? Oh yeah, Onision comment is worse than lacking logic, it is idiotic.

  • tazz

    Why does every other video this idiot releases happens to in some way directly (or indirectly) reference homosexuality?

    I mean does he (this supposed “straight guy”) not realize that he spends more time talking about gays than gays talk about gays, which really makes you wonder…

  • gomez

    pretty sure he’s being sarcastic against people who claim it’s racist if you claim you’re not attracted to certain races, so he’s making an absurd point to show them how dumb that thinking is.

    i agree with him, but he’s unbearable.

  • Lukas P.

    WOW! Onision makes Mr Wavey Davie seem preferable and rational. Somehow I wonder if that’s Queerty’s point?

    True confession. I’ve never had sex with a man who uses a wheelchair to get from point A to location B. Also, no sex yet with a man — or woman — who walks with a cane, is albino, has a third nipple, or weighed more that 300 kilos. Does that make me biased against “differently abled” people? I hope not.

    I have had “carnal relations” with a couple three women [Hello Gabrielle! Hej Hanna], a guy with two webbed toes on each foot [Yo, Stefano!], and a deaf guy [Oh, hi, Marc!] Does that mean I’m bi, have suspicious fetishes, or am otherwise bizaare?

    Nope. Sorry.

    Onision is oddly fixated on homosexuality and bisexuality and deciding who carries which -isms are acceptable and which are not. Who a person has sex with isn’t just a function
    of who attracts him/her *but also* who is attracted to her/him.

    So far Onision’s “wise words” have been +unhelpful ,+ wrong, +laughable +idiotic.
    And just plain stoopid.

    [Legal disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty, and persons whose names I cannot remember. Plus, I still can’t remember if what Jan and I had was sex or just the thing that happens when two people end up in the Baltic Sea at the same time]

  • Cam

    Wow, guess some of our shots about him being a closet case hit a little too close to home if he is coming out with this desperate attempt to seem straight. hey there guy, if you are afraid of people thinking you are gay you may want to stop batting your eyes at the camera and go to the doctor to see if he can do anything about that scorching case of gayface you seem to have picked up somewhere.

  • sumbody

    This Onion guy was apparently dipped in batter and left in the fryer too long. He is both greasy and tasteless.

  • TheProfessor

    QUEERTY, let´s do something. No more Onision, no more Davey Wavey, no more Chris Rushton please. Why do you insiste on becoming a forum, providing a platform, with people that have no jobs, are not skilled, do not have any background that qualifies them to speak about the issues they are addressing. This is all damaging in the end, and risky for people who are impressionable and lonely and find in these YouTube guys some solace, yet believe in what they preach. Very scary…

  • Ken S

    Please tell me that the only reason this site continues to give this stupid idiot a platform is because we’re expecting him to jump off it with a noose around his neck?

  • Sheaton

    HNNNG what.
    I’m a straight female and I find pleasure in men.

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