If You’re Under 17, Go Away

The internet’s a dangerous place. Not only are there sexual predators, neo-nazis, scientologists and other assorted baddies, but you have to worry about sicko fuckwad shithead faggots like us.

As you can see, Blog Rater gave us and our potty mouth an NC-17 rating. Apparently they object to our use of the words “gay,” the same word in the plural form “lesbian” and “zombie”, which we blame on that shitting kid.
We’re a little disappointed, actually – we were hoping for an XXX. Do we have to slaughter and eat a straight person, or something?

Meanwhile Blog Rater slapped our source, AfterElton, with an NC-17 rating. Surprisingly, ex-gay homophobes Exodus International received a G: all ages admitted. Ain’t that sweet?