If You’ve Been Waiting For Things To Get Better, Maybe They Already Have?

Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project has one slight problem: the question it demands. When, exactly, does it get better? Cheeks, the singer and sometimes-make-out-buddy to Adam Lambert takes this novel approach: It gets better when you start realizing it’s already better.

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  • Jon B

    I had no idea eyes came in that size except for in puppies… cute video.

  • Fitz

    Though packaged in a cute little wrapper, his thoughts are actually very important. A less cute, less gay, bigger thinker who said the same thing was Viktor Frankl, who survived a concentration camp.

  • HendersonSpeaks

    I’m starting to get sick of this “It Gets Better” stuff. Enough. Concrete action, no more platitudes. This is a waste of time.

  • ewe

    @HendersonSpeaks: HEY, why put down one of the few good things out there promoting support? Start something else in addition if you are tired of “it gets better”.

  • swarm

    Of course Queerty diminishes Brad and Adam Lambert since, of course, every time they mention Adam Lambert they can’t avoid it.

    He’s not a sometimes makeout buddy. He’s Adam’s ex and first love, and good friend. They both have always shared and promoted this positive life affirming message long before it became ~fashionable vis a vis the current It Gets Better campaign.

    But why would Queerty be expected to even know it because positivity never generates blog hits or affirmative comments.

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