IL Judge Tells Catholic Adoption Agencies, “Let Gays Adopt Or STFU”

Gob bless Illinois judge John Schmidt (yes, Gob). When that state’s Catholic adoption agencies decided to close rather than let gays adopt in accordance with Illinois’ new civil unions law, the adoption agencies turned around and sued the state for suddenly ending its 40-year contracts with the charities without warning or reason. That’s right—when the state refused to renew their contracts with the Department of Children and Family Services, the Catholics sued for their “legal right” to keep discriminating against homos and unmarried couples. Luckily, the judge had none of it.

The judge wisely avoided any arguments about LGBT and religious rights as to avoid arguments about any religious exemptions in the state’s civil union law. Rather, he said that the state can choose which contracts to renew, 40-year history or no. He then ruled against the Catholics and God smiled because God loves gay people.