Jumping The Gun

Illinois Attorney General Says Screw The State Law, Get Married Now!

gay-marriageWell, sort of.

Illinois passed its marriage equality law in November, setting June 1 as the start date to begin issuing same-sex licenses. Today the state’s Attorney General Lisa Madigan is encouraging counties to jump the gun and get an early start. A spring wedding is too good an opportunity to miss.

The early start has to do with a Federal ruling last month that gave Cook County the early green light. Madigan argued that the ruling applies to all Illinois residents in a letter to county officials

If a couple sues an Illinois county after being denied a marriage license before the original June 1 start date, she said, her office would step in on the side of the plaintiffs to argue that the denial is unconstitutional.

This could make for a bit of a messy situation in the coming months, since even Lake County officials have made it clear they don’t plan to begin issuing licenses ahead of schedule.

Cue the high profile law suit.