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  • ChicagoJimmy

    False indignation and intellectual dishonesty is an insult to freedom loving people who can recognize a civil rights struggle when they see one. The fact that homosexuals exist as a natural occurrence of the human condition will not change because of the religious choices of a number of loud mouthed bigots.

    The real perversion is the pick-and-choose nature of today’s conservative religious movement where the worst sins appear to be based on what happens in the privacy of bedrooms instead of the economic raping of the poor by the rich, systematic imprisonment of men of color for profit, or endless war and international aggression.

  • kernelt

    Like to point out that not only is those nut-job Christian discriminate, but other close minded culture as well. Such are the Asian community, the Muslim, Africans, and a fews other. This kind of proof that the base of discrimination is rooted in the man’s flesh, but it does not identify himself if one choices to ignore that the judgmental and discriminatory side of humanity and embrace all being as equal. So in truth equality and compassion is something that need to work forward as a civilize and educated society should.

  • declanto

    @kernelt: Word salad.

    Illinois Family Institute and their associated sock-puppets are in denial of proven science. Their religious-based assertions can only exist in a social environment that rejects equality, racial or otherwise. These groups need somebody they can step on. They aren’t committed to equality, they don’t believe in equality, therefore they’re not qualified to address it.

  • GayGOP

    Beyond this, let’s not forget that MLK HIMSELF was supportive of gay rights, and saw the struggles as, if not equivalent, at least very similar, and equally worthy of dignity.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @GayGOP: I haven’t heard about MLK saying anything about gay rights. I do recall reading that he fired Bayard Rustin because he was afraid that they were going to use his homosexuality against the SCLC. But it is well-known that Coretta Scott King was extremely pro-gay and vociferously spoke out for us.

  • declanto

    The Illinois Family institute is anti-thetical to everything Dr. King stood for.
    How can I be free if you are not?

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