Illinois GOP Chair Keeps His Job Despite Support for Marriage Equality — For Now

Illinois GOP party chair Pat Brady can say that being a Republican official who supports marriage equality won’t get you fired. Unfortunately, he can probably also say goodbye to his job in any case.

Over the weekend, conservatives infuriated at Brady’s marriage  position tried desperately to get him removed as head of the state party but failed to get the three-fifths majority they needed.

After the three hour closed-door session, Brady told reporters, “I’m still here,” but for how much longer is an open question.

This is the second time conservatives moved to get rid of Brady, specifically because of his support for marriage equality. This time, however, the party apparatchiks set up a planning succession committee, which is a nice way of saying to Brady — there’s the door, and you know how to use it.

The failure to remove him gives Brady a chance to say he won and then resign on his own terms.

“It’s about addition and not subtraction,” Brady told reporters, “and if we come off as mean-spirited or angry or too dogmatic, then we don’t attract people to the party.”

Just to prove Brady’s point about fifty right wingers banged on the doors of the meeting and chanted “We are the party.” It’s a party we’re glad we missed.