Forced Out

Illinois GOP Chair Resigns After Battle Over Marriage Equality Stance

Pat Brady, the chair of the Illinois Republican party, has had nothing but grief from the party since he came out in favor of marriage equality, but not any more. He has resigned.

Brady cited his wife’s cancer as his reason for stepping aside. “It’s time to focus on my wife and our kids,” he said. He said that the internal battles had nothing to do with his decision to resign, proving his loyalty to the party to the bitter end.

In fact, Brady’s days have been numbered ever since he said he supported marriage equality. In what looks in retrospect to have been a face-saving move, Brady fought hard last month to hold onto his job in the face of a recall effort by dissatisfied party conservatives. He succeeded, but the party regulars set up a succession planning committee and began casting around for someone more reliably homophobic.

So instead of being fired, Brady got to say, “I quit.” The effect is the same. Anyone Republican who thinks getting ahead of the conservative base is a good idea can look to his example as career guidance.