Illiterate Reader Sends Us Illiterate Message of Illiteracy

We were just giving ourselves a little poke and came across a comment on Tuesday’s Daniel Craig-related post. (For the amnesiacs out there, it seems Craig got a little grumpy with homo-journo Johann Hari after Hari complimented his body.) With regard to that post, a reader named Katie had this to say:

u lot r all fags hes da best if ya fink hes a twat ur da 1 dats needz mental help

We think we’re supposed to be offended, but we’re just confused.

Also, we can’t help but wonder if Katie’s related to homo-hating reader Randal. Remember him from our legendary post, Crazy Man Emails Us Crazy Email of Craziness? If they’re not related, perhaps they’re soul mates. Although it is possible they’re both related and soul mates. You know how those things go…

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