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“I’m From Driftwood” Is Celebrating Five Years Of Heartbreaking Storytelling. Here Are Five Of The Most Riveting.

Nathan Manske

Five years ago, Nathan Manske founded I’m From Driftwood the LGBTQ Story Archive. Inspired by a vintage photography of Harvey Milk holding a “I’m From Woodmere, N.Y.” poster at a 1978 pride parade in SF, the new site launched with just nine stories. Today, the total stands at exactly 877. Some will make you laugh, others cry, and still more make you want to organize a million protests.

Fresh off a site redesign, the nonprofit organization is publishing a brand new Video Story every Wednesday. To help celebrate five years of I’m From Driftwood, here are five of its top posts, selected by none other than Manske himself. Driftwood is an extremely valuable resource for everyone, but particularly for young LGBTQs in unlikely places with few resources.

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From Rugby Jock to Glamazon Drag Performer:

Coming Out To My Father, The Founder of Conversion Therapy:

Are Black Gay Men Just Guest Stars in a White Gay World?

Now Married, This Couple’s First Date Started 20 Minutes Late:

Sam Recalls the Torture and Abuse of So-Called Conversion Therapy: