“I’m Gay and Saving Sex Until Marriage”

Everyone’s not as randy as you, pardon, we are. Apparently for some gay men, it’s important to maintain more “traditional” values.

In an op-ed published on, Constantino Diaz-Duran acknowledges he’s one of those traditionalists and that he hopes the expectation of federal marriage equality will change the way gay people approach pre-marital sex and dating, especially at a time when more conservatives are coming out in support of same-sex marriage.

Raised Roman-Catholic, Diaz-Duran says he hopes to emulate the long-term marriages of his parents and grandparents.

He writes:

“I knew even as a young adult that what I wanted was a loving marriage rooted in traditional values. I wanted to make a promise to someone and stick to it. I didn’t want a wedding, or a commitment ceremony. I longed for a Arizona 090marriage—for what comes after the guests have gone home and the gifts have been unwrapped.”

Followed by this jaw dropper:

“My boyfriend and I have decided to abstain from premarital sex—including oral sex, masturbation, and even sexting…What we do know is that living by our values will only make us stronger.”

Finally, he adds:

“Today’s world is unlike anything I ever imagined when I came out. I will someday be able to get married in a church, and the vows I make to my husband will be taken as seriously as those of any other man. This raises the bar. This gives me hope. This has brought me back to the fold and allowed me to be at peace with my Lord and my sexuality.”

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