Kerr Denies Working For Clinton Campaign

“I’m No Plant,” Says Gay Soldier

Keith Kerr appeared on CNN’s American Morning to defend charges that he works for the Clinton Campaign. Kerr caught our eye, of course, when he asked the Republican presidential candidates why they support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Debate sponsors CNN and YouTube claimed not to know that Kerr works for Clinton’s queer steering committee and all other parties deny a collusion.

An openly gay retired soldier who quizzed Republican candidates about the military’s don’t ask don’t tell policy was not acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton, despite his role on her campaign’s gay-rights steering committee, the campaign said Thursday.

“He is not a campaign employee and was not acting on behalf of the campaign,” Clinton spokesman Phil Singer told RAW STORY.

Listen to Anderson Cooper‘s post-debate disclaimer, as well as Kerr’s own explanation and subsequent celebration of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network: