Gay Rumors Nothing But "Blather"

“I’m Straight,” Says Condi Gal Pal

Tongues were wagging last month when we biographer Glenn Kessler revealed Condoleezza Rice and “best-friend” Randy Bean own a mutual home. Now that the dust’s settled, Bean’s come out of the straight closet.

In an interview with Radar, the “radical liberal” filmmaker says:

Condi and I have been friends for 25 years. We co-own an investment property in Palo Alto. We do not share a home.

The insult to my integrity is not that I’m gay but that I’m closeted. For the record, I’m straight. Anyone who knows me knows how strongly connected I am to my values and political beliefs. If I were gay, I’d be out, loud, and proud.

Bean also says queer speculations are “rumor-mongering at its least imaginative.”

Darling, we didn’t have to use our imagination. In fact, we did everything our power to supress it!