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In A Single Remark, Meghan McCain Declares Her Father Completely Ineffective At His Job

“Yeah, I do,” Meghan McCain told Lawrence O’Donnell last night. “I think my father will filibuster [the DADT repeal bill] probably. And I think that this will probably pass, and I think gay marriage will pass in this country.” Way to have confidence in your pops being able to set the national agenda, Meg. [via]

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  • Riker

    Meghan McCain is a shining example of the new Republican Party that some of us are trying to help build. A Party that includes gays and fight for our rights. A Party that recognizes the need for strong personal freedoms.

    You go, girl!

  • Jorge

    Yeah, whatever Riker.

    Until they start demonstrating they’ll support gay rights, we shouldn’t start replacing the Democrats with them.

  • Jeffree

    I’d rather have Meghan on the side of LGB rights than against them. We don’t see the GW Bush or Cheney daughters speaking on our behalf, nor the PayLins’.

    A lot of the difference between Meghan and her dad can be explained by generation. (And the lack of Alzheimer’s in her case).

    Kudos to her for speaking out.

  • Skeptical Cicada

    Yeah, whatever Jorge.

    Blind support of Democrats gets us nothing. As long as you blindly support them n o matter how little they do for us, they will never do anything for us.

  • Ollie

    @Riker: Whilst I am all for Meghan McCain fighting our corner, I really don’t see any new Republican Party being formed…I mean apart from the Tea Party, and I don’t think they like us that much. It won’t be beneficial electorally for the Republicans to support gay rights for many years – they will follow rather than lead. Leave the dark side! (there are lots of other reasons to do that other than gay rights)

  • Riker

    @Ollie: The Tea Party doesn’t quite support us, but they’re less antigay than the Christian fundamentalists that they replaced. The Christian fundamentalists were less antigay than the Anita Bryant/Moral Majority crowd they replaced. Meghan McCain represents the next generation of Republicans that aren’t quite here yet, the ones that will replace the Tea Party as the dominant force in the Party. Its a matter of baby steps.

  • ILoveDudes

    Riker : I don’t know for sure, but I agree that the future will see more pro-same-sex-rights Republicans than not. It’s that whole under-35 crowd.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    She supports Mitt Romney for President. He’s on record as being against every civil rights initiative that would benefit anyone on this blog. So how is she different?

  • Ollie

    @Riker: Oh I don’t know. Looking at it I think that no matter what personal views are held by tea party leaders, their whole thing is about appealing to low income, lesser educated, “real” Americans – and that group is instinctively very very very homophobic, and ALSO widely fundamentalist Christian. It just isn’t profitable for Republicans to be pro-gay. I really think it will only happen once public opinion changes, despite them, which will take ages. I’m also not really sure that the Christian Fundamentalists in the early 2000s Republican party were less anti-gay than Anita Bryant – just dealing with a different social context. Eugh Anita Bryant.

  • Cam


    Hey, I’m all for a valid two party system, but you can’t hand the keys over to people until they stop wrecking your car. Until my rights are set in stone I can’t vote for a party that has as one of it’s current principles putting me in permanent second class status.

    If DADT and DOMA dissappear and ENDA passes, then I will consider voting for them, OR if they start supporting those issues..however, all I have seen groups like Log Cabin do is try to hide or explain away anti-gay comments.

    They didn’t used to do that, they used to be a gay group that supported GOP principles, now they are a GOP group that happens to be staffed by gays.

  • Gregger

    @Riker: The Teabaggers didn’t replace the Amoral Minority/Christian Fundies they are the same group repackaged. The Republican Party home of Bigotry, Misogyny, and Endless War.


    Crankypants McCain is teetering on the deminta fence. If you see his recent interviews he is clearly losing it……..I guess his mood depends on lots of factors…… :p

  • Jorge

    Excuse me, blind support for Democrats? DADT repeal is the easiest issue to pass and all but one of the Senate Democrats voted for it. On the other hand, we had to bribe Snowe, Collins, Brown and Murkowski with a nearly a trillion dollars worth of tax cuts.

    The Democrats aren’t perfect, in fact, they’re pretty stupid and awful at playing the game, but the Republicans aren’t better. These “fiscal conservatives, social liberals” are still out there fighting for the candidates who would never dare help us out at the expense of pissing of their base. I don’t know what kind of dream world Meghan believes she’s living in. I love the things she says, but she’s not suddenly going to stop the GOP trash from stinking.

  • ewe

    And Mary Cheney declares her father Dick to be effective. so what. Who cares. She would not even get in a studio but for the fact she is the daughter of McCain. Dragging her out into the public square is nothing but fluff. It’s like a visual national enquirer magazine. Meaningless.

  • ewe

    That’s right. this is no different than the creation of Sarah Palin. Another false media prop that lacks credibility!!!

  • Jeffree

    @Riker: Lest you forget, many Teabaggers are Dominionists: fundamentalists who want to turn the US into a theocracy based on biblical law. I spent 16 months working my way into the inner circles of their websites, and all I can say is that you best run for cover if they have their way.

  • romeo

    After he forced Cindy to embarrass herself so publicly over DADT, I bet things are a bit tense around the McCain hearth this yule. Seriously, I don’t know why she doesn’t just dump the old bastard. She’s still beautiful – and she’s the one with all the money.

  • John (CA)

    @Jeffree: You’re right.

    I think the fundamental difference between the traditional religious right and the tea baggers has more to do with the scope of their activities rather than any significant theological divergence. The religious right is an evangelical movement. They believe in spreading the “good word” all over the world. In contrast, the tea baggers are isolationist, nativist, and xenophobic. The rhetoric of the Tea Party bears a striking resemblance to the siege mentality of Afrikaner nationalism.

  • Cam


    Only Child raised by a much older and domineering father, she basically married her dad.

  • Spike

    Just another sheep in wolf’s clothing. Faux fruitfly!

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