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In Between Men Just Might Be The Best Gay Show Not On Television

It’s not Sex and the City for gay men. It’s not The L Word for dudes. It’s not Noah’s Arc for the web. It’s something … else. In Between Men, the original online-only series from creator Quincy Morris, centers around four gay fellas in the big city. It just debuted. And I’m loving it.

Is this anything we haven’t seen before? Nah. These things get pitched around town by combining the titles of known works: It’s Lipstick Jungle meets Dynasty, or some crap like that. And that’s generally because these skeins do end up pulling pieces from the past. The acting is a smidge flimsy, and the plotlines not entirely unique (gay pride weekend?! oh my). But there’s everything you need to make your A-gay skin tingle: sexy professionals, bisexuals, and nightlife living (including hooking up in the lav). And I swear that was the poorman’s Fabio walking through one scene.

In Between Men isn’t pretending to be anything more than a guilty pleasure, and that’s why I’m enjoying it. Yes, there are a lot of white guys, and of course it’s set in lower Manhattan, and there’s the requisite focus on drugs and quick sex. But there are little blips of high-mindedness here, like a discussion about the merits of gay pride parades. And these gents have their own bro code (“FIST FUCK!”). I’m staying tuned.



The series stars: Nick Mathews (who plays Dalton Fuller), Max Rhyser (Jacob Ross), Ben Pamies (Benjamin Reed), Chase Coleman (Dr. Dane Sullivan), Michael Sharon (Massimiliano Costa), Margot Bingham (Kendra Sharpe, the lone lady), Sidney E. Wright (Kyle Leary)