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  • Darling Nikki

    As funny as this is, it also reinforces why nothing gets done anymore in this country. That right there is a microcosm of what this country has become.

  • Ken S

    What a beautiful portrait of America: a morbidly obese couple in a filthy trailor. Her– praying to the sky, then weeping hysterically and cursing (over something as utterly meaningless as a talent/popularity contest). And him– gleefully saying “Ah told you so!”

    I do find it kinda’ sad that she doesn’t have the intellectual depth to realize she’s praying to her jealous god– who, last I heard, forbids idolatry– over who’ll be America’s next ‘idol.’

    Witness the end of the American empire– crazy fat people in a graveyard of consumer excess :-D

  • fredo777

    I feel her pain, though.

    Outcome was such bullshit.

    *shaking my head*

  • puck247

    Actually, I know this chick. She placed a $100 bet on who wins and lost. There goes her life savings.

  • dvd

    Classy. Nothing like a video of your mom, where she looks at you and the camera and yells “F*** You!”

  • bskibs

    @Ken S: wow you can go screw yourself. liberal cunt.

  • Giovannidude

    The outcome of American Idol this year was disappointing. The guy who won can’t sing without going off tune, is nervous onstage and has a personality as exciting as dishwater. The gal who came in second should have won (this phenomenon has happened before).

    But there are much more important things to worry about than who should win American Idol. Like, the future of the country for example.

  • Ken S

    @bskibs: If you look up the actual dictionary definition of “liberal/liberalism,” you’ll see why I’m not the least bit bothered by you calling me one. I’m proud to be a liberal.

    And as for the other part, well, that makes me no worse than your mom. Who incidentally is embarrassed that she ever raised such an uncritically nationalistic redneck-apologist.

  • Zach

    @Ken S:

    That was beautiful.

  • BradSA

    Rats! They took the video down and I missed it.

  • Ken S

    @Zach: Thank you. I try. So very, very hard. I just want desperately to be loved.

    But, barring that, I’m content to be feared as a cruel-witted menace. :-D

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