In Case You Were Wondering Whether You’ll Ever See HX Ever Again

The answer is: No. At least there are no plans for it. Jeff Woodward, the associate publisher for Next (which acquired the HX brand), tells us, “We are still in negotiations with the printer to get full usage rights to HX magazine brand.” But: “No plans at this moment for HX magazine to continue publishing.” With HX‘s website already redirecting, now New York City’s streets will be that much freer of litter.

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  • Dave

    I received this press release (I’m in the gay media business):

    RND Enterprises, owners of Next Magazine, announced today that they acquired the website The acquisition was made from ColorWeb, a New Jersey printing company. ColorWeb has been the printer for HX Media LLC for the past four years.

    Next Magazine will now be able to reach a wider audience with the additional traffic from the acquired site. In the next several weeks, Next Magazine will announce an expanded web presence along with a expanded circulation in the New York metro area.

    RND Enterprises did not acquire HX Media, which continues to operate its other publishing and expo entities.

  • scott ny'er

    that’s too bad. :(

  • ThatguyFromBoston

    I don’t think that many people care, even a little.

  • John JOhnson

    Colorweb is owned by Next Magazine (aka 1-800 Postcads etc). That’s what they DON’T tell you.

  • John JOhnson

    “What started off as a classy affair of smoked salmon apps and smokey jazz vocals by Marcus Goldhaber and his band devolved into a four-hour marathon of infused-vodka shots, Jäger bombs and puddles of Patron— and that was just the het faction from our sister printing companies 1-800 Postcards, Varick Street Litho and Color Web!”

  • merkin

    i dont know why they keep the illusion that the HX expos will still be going. Theyre done. Next may do a version, but anything involving HX (or the NY Blade) is finished

  • John JOhnson

    Of course they are finished. The company should be formally closed by the end of August.

  • Mike

    The HX website was FAR superior to the Next Magazine site. I really wish they gave us an option to at least look at the old HX site, even if it isn’t updated any more.

  • Its About Time

    Who cares HX is gone thats all that matters, Good luck NEXT:)

    1800 post-Cards , HX screwed them for printing bills they got what they had coming to them GO NEXT !!!!!!!!!

    NEXT paid back for everyone that HX screwed over the years!!! That says something right there. Smart business if you ask me :)

    NOW when Unger and Banks are bunk buddies in jail, that will be a HAPPY moment!!

    And as Paul Harvey would say ” and now you have the rest of story GOOD DAY”

  • nystreetsmart

    @Markin @mike Not so fast, last i heard from a reliable source that next sold HX magazine and, and Hx will be back publishing soon.

    let the fight’s begin

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