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In Defending Mel Gibson, Whoopi Joins The View‘s Idiot Parade

In defending Mel Gibson against his latest rant (this is the racist one, in case you lost count, not the homophobic one), Whoopi Goldberg proves Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck aren’t the only comically misinformed hosts on the show.

If ever there was a better person to defend Gibson’s N-word usage, it would be somebody famous, somebody well-liked, and preferably, somebody black. Whoopi is all of those things! And because she is Mel’s friend, she knows he’s not racist. She lets him hang out around her kids!

And it’s a decent point she makes, if only so folks like us can note that there isn’t just one type of racist white guy. There’s the “blacks should have separate drinking fountains” type, and then there’s the “I’m cool with them unless I suddenly go off the chain and turn into a maniacal slob, and in that case, fuck those bitches.” Mel is, it seems, the second kind. Is he attending Klan meetings? No. Does he look down on blacks — particularly those that would sleep with his ex-girlfriend? Absolutely.

What’s telling is Whoopi’s refusal to answer the question about whether Mel’s earlier comments about Jews make him an anti-Semite. Does his remarks about gays make him homophobic? Apparently not when you’re drunk.

At the very least, Mel gave Whoopi the opportunity to get excited about something?

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