sibling rivalry

In Ecuador, Fabricio Correa Wants To Oust Brother Rafael Correa As President (And Exile His Gay Cabinet, Too)

In 2012, the charismatic Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa will face off against a man he knows well: Fabricio Correa (pictured, R-L), who is Rafael’s older brother. Ouch! But in case you thought we’d have to wait nearly two years for the sibling sniping to begin, keep in mind that Fabricio already has a history of attacking his brother, particularly for the president’s “pink circle” — the term Fabricio uses to describe all the supposed homos in Rafael’s inner circle. Why such animosity? The year-plus-long brotherly battle began when reports corruption started circling Fabricio’s companies, and Rafael went from defender to prosecutor, nixing the multi-million dollar government contracts his brother’s firms had been awarded.