New Staffers Hope To Save Paper

‘In Newsweekly’ Bouncing Back?

Boston-based gay newspaper In Newsweekly seems to be surviving after last year’s editorial upheavals.

HX Media’s PR flack sent us a press release celebrating the gay newspapers new hires, including former associate editor Tony Giampetruzzi, who’s returning after an “18-month absence”. Mr. G will apparently focus on nightlife, thus allowing the other staffers to focus on more substantial issues.

The aforementioned PR flack also wants us to point out that Reverend Irene Monroe has not left the paper. He claims Joe Siegel, Chuck Colbert and Fred Kuhr unfairly included Monroe in their irate letter to HX honcho Matt Bank.

Read the entire lackluster release, after the jump…

In Newsweekly, New England’s premier newspaper for the New England Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender community, has rung in the new year with changes to its management staff–and a new perspective for one of its popular columnists.

Jake Spencer, former publisher of The Washington Blade, has joined In Newsweekly as General Manager. In this role, he will oversee all aspects of the publication’s operations. Spencer brings more than 30 years of experience to his new position, from editing and publishing to ad sales and marketing. He recently relocated from Washington, DC to the Boston area.

Roe Crisi has joined In Newsweekly as its new Sales Manager. Crisi brings a wide background in GLBT editorial sales, having served as a sales manager at Planet Out and as an account executive with HX Media, LLC, both in New York.

After an 18-month absence, former Associate Editor Tony Giampetruzzi returned to In Newsweekly in December. Giampetruzzi will focus on New England nightlife, providing the remaining editorial staff more time to focus on New England politics, especially the Presidential race and the formation of the anti-marriage equality group The Vermont Council.

Finally, In Newsweekly columnist, The Reverend Irene Monroe, author of the popular, “The Religion Thang,” provides her personal insights as she copes with breast cancer. Diagnosed last year, she has begun a treatment regimen that will stretch into 2008, and her experiences and insights in dealing with the disease will inspire readers.