In Palm Springs Sex Sting, Judge Rules For The Cops Who Say The Darndest Things

The Palm Springs Police Department’s Warm Sands public sex sting was perfectly reasonable, a judge ruled after more than a week’s worth of testimony. The ruling means the 19 men who claimed unlawful discrimination by the cops — for specifically targeting gay men after just three complaints, while ignoring reports of breeders having sex in public — won’t have charges against them dismissed. “These 19 men were not being arrested for being gay, they were arrested for having sex in a public place,” ruled Indio’s Superior Court Judge David B. Downing. And what about the cops using derogatory language toward gays? It didn’t matter because it happened in the field, apparently. If police chief David Dominguez called gays “filthy motherfuckers” and “cocksuckers” back at the station? “I would have dismissed this case in June,” he says. So Dominguez lost his job for this? Man, that’s gotta be harsh.