In Russia, Five Men Film And Share Brutal Attack On Trans Woman In Broad Daylight

russian-trans-woman-attackedA video has appeared on, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, of a gang of five men brutally attacking a trans woman in a park in the middle of the day.

The video was posted by the group Straights for Equality, which purports to advocate for LGBT rights. According to PinkNews, the intention of the video was to highlight the persecution of LGBT people in Russia.

The unidentified trans woman is referred to as a “homosexual” in the video’s title and she is subsequently kicked about the head and body, thrown around the park and stripped of her clothes while one of the thugs films it. She manages to escape but not before her attackers tear her underwear.

You can watch the video here, but please be warned it’s incredibly sickening and disturbing.

The woman may have been another victim of Russian skinheads who have been luring mostly gay male teens through for alleged hookups, only to kidnap, bully, humiliate and harass them. Some victims have reportedly died or committed suicide as a result of their attacks.

Meanwhile, Russian authorities turn a blind eye to this sort of abuse, which is why the attack on the trans woman was in such a public place in the middle of the day. To the police, these skinheads are doing a service to the community by targeting “pedophiles.”

Reports of this sort of violence only add fuel to the fire of outrage focused on Russia with the Winter Olympics in Sochi next year, where the safety of athletes and spectators attending the Games has come under increased scrutiny.

Though Russian lawmakers have tried to reassure the international community that its odious anti-gay law will not affect anyone as long as they follow the rules — no propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relations” around children — this kind of systematic homophobic and transphobic violence speaks to the climate of intolerance in Russia better than any statement or press release ever could.

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  • B Damion

    Folks,violence towards gays-whites,blacks,hisp,jews..etc happens all over the world. Highlighting the country of Russia just because of the Olympics is getting annoying. This is a world wide problem that should be attacked globally.

  • GeriHew

    @B Damion: Obviously hate crimes of this nature don’t just happen in Russia.

    But the point being made is that in Russia the perpetrators of these crimes are videoing them and proudly uploading this graphic evidence of their crimes online. And the Russian police don’t do anything about it.

  • Thomathy

    B Damion, the worldwide problem and the problem in Russia are not mutually exclusive. May I suggest, that if you are getting annoyed and if you think the global problem should be getting more of your attention, that you instead focus on the global problem and ignore articles about Russia.

    Use your Googlefu to find some charities working to help LGBTQ people around the world. You can also use it to find stories about the awful treatment of LGBTQ people in places like, for instance, Uganda.

  • Kangol

    This is just disgusting, and what’s more disgusting is that Russian lawmakers passed laws to enable it to continue as opposed to stopping it. They are helping to foment and empower homophobia and hate, not halt it.

  • mattsy

    I wanna beat the shit out of some Russians now. 2 wrongs dont make a right, but that video has my gay blood boiling!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    @B Damion: One country at a time.

  • redspyder

    @mattsy: Sit back and enjoy a nice glass of Stoli. You’ll get over it. ????? ???????!

  • redspyder

    @redspyder: That ????? ??????? was Russian for Cheers, btw… and meant to be deeply sarcastic.

  • Polaro

    @B Damion: You are more annoying.

  • B Damion

    @ Polaro ..suck my d***

  • fredhotman

    Boycott Sochi. Your articles show glaring examples of vicious harassment of LGBT folk. You articles are glaringly similar to what happened in Germany & countries sympathetic to Nazism where with the protection of the law it was a free for all thugs to persecute Jews now we the same thing is happening in Russia. Wake up world to inequities unless you like to see wholesale massacres. Show you do care about a fellow human life or like Nero persecute the gays in Russia while the world enjoys the Olympic sports a little price to pay.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @B Damion:

    You’re argument is pointless. You can make that argument for any sort of conflict being covered by the media. Why pay attention to a school shooting in Connecticut when child murders happen all the time in the Central African Republic? Why give thought to the senseless murder of a young Australian man in Oklahoma when 44 people were senselessly killed in a mosque attack in Nigeria?

    Pointing to other terrible issues does help the terrible issue at hand. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  • Billysees

    @Thomathy: 3

    Well said.

    @mattsy: 5

    Many feel exactly the same way as you do.

  • 2eo

    @B Damion: Aren’t you the guy who finds a way to shoehorn in Britain as the reason for everything in the world ever?

    My suggestion is start acting like an adult, and putting some effort into drawing attention where you think it necessary. But is IS far easier to moan on here and pull the race card every other day.

  • Teleny

    How can people be this cruel. We need to target Russia first with boycotts, etc. thanks for this article.

  • FairyQing

    Well… Guys Girls and Queerls! Let me explain the situation for all those, who have no idea of Russian situation (seems like all of you)/

    1. This is not just a random case in Russia. This is already a mainstream process. There are online video shows of nazis catching and torturing gay teens and this shows have MILLIONS of fans in Russia. Millions is not a joke. More then half of Russian youth are obsessed on this topic thanks to government, that actually protects and sponsors this nazis in order to brainwash people and gain more support.

    2. There is ABSOLUTELY no use in attempts to boycott olympics! Even communistic soviet union and nazi germany weren’t successfully boycotted.

    3. Western LGBT community can’t do anything to help Russian LGBT community. Russian LGBT just HAVE to wake up and protect their own rights.

    4. The true funny stuff is, that anti-LGBT laws in Russia are made by people, who often happen to be connected to LGBT friendly companies in western countries. Like Nikolay Mizulin, who speaks hate in russian, is son of Elena Mizulina(one of top homophobic politicians in russia) yet is a partner of “Mayer Brown” in Belgium. Somehow Mayer Brown works with homophobes but stays on the top of the list of LGBT friendly law firms…

    LGBT community in Russia is yet weak, but western LGBT community has serious problems too, with “friends” that are wolf in sheep’s clothing. One day these friends will find anti gay stance more profitable and strike from behind. Wake up people, this fight is not over, it never was, our “victories” are a Trojan horse

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