In Shocking Twist, Pat Robertson Says He “Won’t Condemn” Trans Folks

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.19.49 PMIt’s no secret that Pat Robertson hates homosexuals. The sight of our demonic presence makes him vomit.

He’s never missed an opportunity to talk about how awful we are, so the following news should strike you as a major surprise: Pat Robertson is totally cool with trans folks.

Today, he answered questions from viewers on CBN, where one concerned man called in to ask:

“I work with two people who have decided that they are females. I know what the Bible says about homosexuality, but is it wrong to refer to them as females since they have had their gender status changed in the eyes of the law?”

Surprisingly, Robertson’s response was not a misinformed travesty. In fact, it was kind of sweet (in a totally prehistoric way):

“I don’t understand all that, but I think there are men who are in a woman’s body. It’s very rare, but it’s true…and they want a sex change…it’s a radical procedure. I don’t think there’s any sin associated with that [gender reassignment surgery]. I don’t condemn anybody for doing that.”

Now please, pick your jaw up off the floor.