In Sweden Everyone Gets To Blame The Gays For All The Bad Things

Earthquakes? Iranian dictatorships? Parking meters? Naughty children? Yes, they’re all the gays fault. And now Sweden has got the perfect revival tune to tell you why.

The song’s lead singer says, “It is written in the Bible that it’s the gays’ fault. I don’t know which line chapter or part, but somewhere in here it’s written that it’s the gays’ fault.” That sounds about right.

And while it’s delightful seeing Swedish singers mock this self-serving worldview, it’s also frightening seeing hundreds of audience members happily blaming the gays for just about everything that has gone wrong since the beginning of time.

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  • Kevin

    That performance was in Stockholm during Pride, so it was a pretty gay crowd. The song was originally from a satirical TV show.

    Some humourless person actually reported them to the police for hate speech but Chancellor of Justice chose not to take up the case, saying “the song was obviously intended as satire”.

  • Wies

    @ Daniel (the writer)

    It’s not like how you wrote it, it’s like how Kevin tells it. Or where you just being as sarcastic as the singers and writers of the song? XD

    anyway i like the song! It’s fun and sneering to the homophobes ^___^

  • Chris Lines

    The writer of the headline needed to add a snark tag to the headline. It’s misleading.
    This video was posted by a FB friend the other day. I laughed so hard. The audience is obviously gay. The shills in the audience even kiss some of the actual members of the audience. I recommend re-watching the video. It’s hilarious.

  • Jesper

    Shouldn’t we maybe focus on how awesome Sweden is for providing me with full rights, and that most of us Swedes find homophobia so alien we can even make fun of it on the largest TV channel we have; a state run politically neutral one?

  • doug105

    ok where are the subs ?

  • doug105


  • Ogre Magi

    This is the way Christians should be treated! Held up to public ridicule!

  • offbeatoh86

    @doug105: If only we knew Swedish.

  • mrn.

    click “CC” for subs 0.o’

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