In The Details


Apparently the queens, oops, editors over at Details got carried away celebrating their fake 5-year anniversary and forgot to, you know, edit the magazine.

The whole “we are all things to all people thing” does not fly with us fags over here at Queerty. And while you may helm a magazine with a real masthead and real covers and real fashion editorials, let me speak to you. You know, editor to editor. And I am a real editor thank you very much. At least I play one convincingly on the Internet.

Mr. Peres did you not notice this line in an article talking about the stupidity of half-tucking? “That faux tuck is meant to telegraph just the right amount of slapped-together disarray–but the disarray, alas, reads as all too engineered.”

Just like your response to the “Is Details gay?” question and just like your current cover. That is an all too engineered faux tuck that Mr. Phoenix is sporting. So are you saying faux tucks are bad for everyone but cover models and Hollywood actors? We don’t understand.

May I make a suggestion? Pick a side. Choose a sexual preference. And stop dressing your cover models in the same style you tell us normal folk to avoid.

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