In The Post-AIDS Future, People Will Make Out With Trees and Marry Dogs

Someday in the not-too-distant, medium-distant, or super-extra-distant future, soon after the AIDS vaccine eradicates the spectre of disease and death from sex, people will fall in love with dogs and every variety of green, growing thing. Garden-lovers will call themselves “plantsexuals” and start pushing for equal rights. Amidst this backdrop, the crazy new comic book Our Love Is Real follows a member of the riot police who finds himself in the middle of “a bizarre love triangle that blurs romance, crime and lust beyond recognition.” Look, Soylent Green is people! So as far as dystopic visions of the world to come go, this one is relatively sane.

Our Love Is Real comes from the minds of comic book artists Sam Humphries (Fraggle Rock, CBGB: The Comic Book) and Steven Sanders (Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age, Sword) and its post-everything satire will certainly fry the brains of literal-minded readers and anyone else who’s ever earnestly argued that marriage equality will lead to bestiality.

It’s available for purchase online and in a limited, old-fashioned paper run of 300 copies. Click here for a list of retailers.