In The Videotaped Smackdown Between Casey Heynes + Richard Gale, Is One The Obvious Victim?

Above, Aussie teenager Casey Heynes — the 15-year-old who body slammed his bully Richard Gale after being taunted one too many times — says Gale came “out of nowhere” and “punched me in the face,” before acting in “self-defense” by near crippling the smaller teen.

Below, 12-year-old Gale insists he’s also a victim (true), and that Heynes “abused me first.” The 40-second video clip, of course, only shows Heynes defending himself.

Asked why people have had such strong reactions to the videotaped fight, Heynes says it’s because “people get bullied all the time.” And he had “nobody” to defend him when, “practically every day,” he was bullied.

Richard says he was “pretty angry” when he attacked Casey, and acknowledges he attacked him, but claims it was Casey who bullied him; he didn’t insult Casey, he claims.

Is there anything to be learned here? Aside from, you know, bullying remains a real life problem for millions of kids around the globe? And administrators and parents more often turn a blind eye and acknowledge and work to prevent it?