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In The Wake Of A Homophobic Attack On Gay Pride Sunday, Seattle Couple Now Face Thousands Of Dollars In Medical Bills

150628_Capitol_Hill_Attack_lg-Edit-Edit-800x430A Seattle couple who sustained multiple injuries during an attack at a Gay Pride event on Capitol Hill now face thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Rawstory reports that Steven Briggs and Patrick Dettling had been out celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriage last Sunday, when a gang of three men and two women approached them.

As Dettling stretched, one of the men allegedly smacked his hand from out of the blue. When Dettling asked, “Why did you do that?,” the stranger sarcastically retorted, “I was just high fiving you.”

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The situation quickly intensified, with the attackers shouting homophobic slurs as they repeated punched the two men in the face and kicked them before fleeing.

“It’s kinda made me regress back a little bit,” says Dettling, who suffered a broken nose, cuts and bruises.

After spending five hours at the hospital, the couple — who have been together for eight years — decided to return to the Pride event later that evening. Seattle police are investigating the crime, but right now there aren’t any suspects.

“[People] must think with marriage comes everything,” said Briggs. “You know, that all ignorance and intolerance goes away and it doesn’t.”

The below video from KOMO further elaborates on the story.