In Which We Pretend DC Gay Flag Football’s Calendar Is Journalism

On August 9th the DC Gay Flag Football League will release a 24-month calendar filled with their hunky gay and straight members as well as two team-created It Gets Better videos. They’re gonna give the proceeds from the $20 calendars towards LGBT youth based programming. But now that we’ve covered the good news, let’s spend the next few minutes drooling over their pics.

In a press release, the DC Gay Flag Football League said, “While the bullying epidemic came as a shock to many. The struggles of growing up gay were all too familiar for many members of the DCGFFL. Inspired by the tragic events, the group, consisting of members from Washington’s LGBT community and straight allies, have come up with a creative tactic for raising awareness and money to prevent teen suicide. And it will require them to give the shirts off their back. Literally.”