Inclusive Book “What Makes A Baby” Teaches Kids Where Babies Really Come From (Hint: Not The Stork)

One of the joys/headaches of having a child is explaining where they came from. In the case of LGBT parents, it’s not always a cut-and-dried tale of “sometimes when a mommy really loves a daddy…”

Thankfully author and sex educator Cory Silverberg has teamed up with illustrator Fiona Smyth onWhat Makes A Baby, a new children’s title coming out May 7 on Triangle Square Books for Young Readers. The book, geared to kids in pre-school up to 8-years-old, is inclusive of the LGBT parenting experience, addressing increasingly common realities like adoption, infertility treatments and surrogacy without getting too confusing or technical. 

It’s an informative and entertaining read for kids of all parents, straight or queer. And, hey, even if your kids were conceived the old-fashioned way, they should know not everyone was—and why.

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