Incoming Iowa State Rep. Kim Pearson Is On A Mission to Impeach Those 4 Activist Judges

A ragtag trio of Iowa state lawmakers want to impeach the remaining four State Supreme Court justices who voted to approve the state’s gay marriage laws. They’re being led by Kim Pearson, an incoming House member, who says she is “drafting an impeachment measure because she thinks the court exceeded its authority when it struck down a law defining marriage as being between one man and one woman.” For the record, state lawmakers can only impeach sitting justices if they are guilty of crimes or malfeasance; it’s that second word I’m sure Pearson will be focusing on. Pearson will need a simple majority in the House (where she has the backing of Speaker-elect Kraig Paulsen) and a two-thirds majority in the Senate (where Sen. Kent Sorenson says he’s down).

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  • gregger

    another case of putting the car in R and expecting to go forward, dumb fucks.

  • Riker

    Yeah, like that’s going to happen. I doubt she’ll get more than a third of the representatives she needs. For the rest, it would set the scary precedent that they can be impeached if they offend a small minority. That’s something they don’t want to tell voters, lest they slip up sometime.

  • Tom

    Chances of this being successful? 0% Chances of a campaign against her either in a PR form or a challenge next election? 100% This bimbo gives Iowa a bad name. She clearly doesn’t have a clue to legislate, only to score cheap political points with her ‘base.’ I can see an impeachment succeed if one of the justices got drunk and drove over a pedestrian, killing them…that would be reasonable. Exercising their job in such a way that your side lost is not reasonable. Kim Pearson – FAIL!

  • Mark

    Malfeasance – doing wrong – exactly Ms Pearson what did the 4 judges do wrong? Other than offend your misguided sense of what is fair and just to American citizens, who, just happen to be gay; but do pay taxes? What’s so wrong about that? Hhhmmmm crickets……..

  • jason

    Maybe Kim Pearson found out that her husband is having sex on the side with men. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….

  • jacknasty

    is she just against the gays because they did that to her hair?

  • William OfOckham

    Remember, the “PLAATALOONS” are just mortals — they all put on their Plaataloons (or Plaatyloons) one leg at a time.

  • EGM

    Shame because she looks so jolly, with a really pretty smile, which is downright weird for a homophobe/uptight.

    I hope she finds her lighter side (if she has one) and walks in the Gay Pride parade and has fun, it could work wonders on her.

    And yes the most important thing always is Gays pay TAXES too! Unemployed neo-nazi drug runners have more rights than law-abiding, contributing Gays in their own country! Where’s the fairness?

  • Danny

    Politicians exceed their authority when they violate human rights of millions of Americans.

  • Jaroslaw

    someone reasonable should ask her if this issue is the most important thing facing Iowa right now? Everyone has a job there, I suppose, and welfare rolls are almost zero….All the pollution is cleaned up………..this is all she has to worry about?

  • Mary moravek

    I have been involved in politics 39 years and you haven’t seen a day at the Capitol, yet you have the audacity today you want to impeach the justices. I’ve lobbied at the Capitol for18 years. You better learn what rights you have as a legislator–impeaching justices is unconstitutional. You better get INFORMED!!!!


    Fuck You Cunt………….

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