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Incompetence Puts D.C.’s AIDS Funds at Risk … Levi Was Never Going Full Frontal

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→ If Washington D.C. doesn’t put a stop to the “mishandling” of federal AIDS funds, then HUD is simply going to stop giving them out.

→ Levi Johnston was never going to show wang in Playgirl.

→ In trying to score survey answers about gays in the military, the Military Times has linked unwanted sexual advances with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. ‘Cause that will deliver accurate results.

Bashed Back protests a … gay protest?

→ Juan Antonio Martínez Matos, the alleged murderer of Puerto Rican teen Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, is being held on $4 million bond.

→ The artist Jeanne-Claude, known for co-creating the Central Park installation “The Gates,” died Wednesday from complications with a brain aneurysm. She was 74.