Incredibly Hot, Straight Soccer Stars Share Celebratory Smooch On Field

Ivan-Rakitic-Daniel-Carrico-gay-kissWhile America sat and complained about Michael Sam‘s celebratory kiss with boyfriend Vito Cammisano, two comfortably heterosexual (read: European) soccer players shared an impassioned mouth-to-mouth kiss on the field and it’s virtually a nonissue for the European media.

The Daily Mail reports that Ivan Rakitic and Daniel Carrico, both playing for Sevilla FC, locked lips in front of cameras and delivered the most breathtaking Croatian/Portuguese smooch after winning Sevilla’s third first-place title at the annual UEFA Europa League in Turin, Italy.

This summer, Rakitic will play for Croatia in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. One can only hope he steals another casual kiss with another beautiful teammate.

Let’s have a moment of silence for European soccer, a movement determined to bring gay kisses and steamy gay porn to every household on Earth. Bless.