robin mcgehee

Indefensible. Shocking Lack Of Leadership. Adds Insult To Injury. How Many Ways To Say You’re Furious With Obama?

Today’s appeal by President Obama’s Department of Justice is not only indefensible — it is yet another shocking lack of leadership from the White House on issues of equality for the LGBT community. Regardless of the White House’s claim that they had no choice in this matter, the fact is that there was no reason they had to move forward with appealing this decision today. For them to do so, particularly in the same week they also announced their appeal of the Defense of Marriage Act ruling that also found a section of that law unconstitutional, adds insult to injury for the relationship between President Obama and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Yet again, we are faced with action by this Administration that stands in stark contrast to the campaign rhetoric and lofty speeches about equality that continue to be served up as progress to our community. We’d like to say we’re still hoping in the change promised to us two years ago, but that hope is fading away quickly — particularly when the lives and livelihoods of our brothers and sisters are on the line.

—Robin McGehee, director of GETEqual, is not, shall we say, terribly impressed with DoJ’s decision to appeal the DADT ruling. Meanwhile a “person in the government knowledgeable about the administration’s discussions” says the White House did weigh in on DoJ’s handling of the case because Obama’s White House lawyers “did not want to seek a court order that would temporarily suspend the judge’s ruling.”