Howard Wolfson, a top adviser to Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign, will join the likes of Karl Rove as an analyst for Fox News. Remarked Wolfson of his new gig, “Fox has the largest audience in cable television — many of its viewers are independents who will help decide the next election. It’s critically important for strong progressives to be talking to and offering analysis to that audience.” [Washington Post]

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  • emb

    Not to be bitchy or anything, but I think that I would prefer that anyone who spends their time and brain cells watching Fox News just stay home next November. I hope they’re paying this fellow a boatload of money to waste his breath talking “progressive” at the Fox audience.

  • todd

    Sounds like a marriage made in Heaven.

  • Focus On Real Issues

    Further evidence of the poor judgment exercised by those who ran Hillary’s campaign.

  • Paul

    I think it’s great! Now we can have someone to listen to who ISN’T licking Obama’s balls live the entire cast of fools over at MSNBC!

    How refreshing to get a different point of view that Obama really isn’t the Messiah and isn’t going to cure cancer. Hell, he’s not even going to be President…..phew…………

  • emb

    Paul, how is that any different from the general line of conservative spew coming from Fox any ol’ day of the week? If you don’t like MSNBC’s point of view, don’t waste your time on ’em. Just tune in to Fox, fix your eyeballs on the screen, and drool like the rest of their audience as they funnel rightwing bloviation into your brainspace.


    @ No.4: Amen to that, brother!

  • Kid A

    @ No.5: Amen to that, brother!

  • Trenton

    Pundits, no matter who they are, are always a waste of space. The entirety of the fourth estate can drop dead for all I care.

    @ No.8: Amen to that, me!

  • RPCV

    I love Fox News Network. Watch it every night from 7-11. Start with Shep and end with Greta. They’re the most fair and balanced of all the networks.

  • Mr C

    The Hillary camp are so angry. This is what they result to. It’s coming out slowly but surely.


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