Sushant Singh Bends New Flick's Character

Indian Actor Plays Gay, Likes It

Sushant Singh ain’t afraid to endorse his adoring gay fans. In fact, the straight actor adores his adoring bent boys:

I’ve always had more gay fans than a female following. That’s that acting is all about. You suppress and finally eradicate your own personality and preferences to surrender to the audience. And I’ve always connected with homosexual audiences.

In fact when I was a totally unknown face in Delhi doing theatre, my first admirer turned out to be gay.

I’ve no qualms about being a gay or heterosexual fantasy.

That first admirer became the inspiration for Singh’s bisexual character in Mani Shankar’s new spy drama, Mukhbiir.More astonishing is the fact that Singh himself suggested the pink plot twist: “To make the character bisexual was entirely my idea. [Homosexuality’s] a way of life, and we need to look at at it that way.”

We’re sorry to note, however, that Singh’s Mukhbiir character comes in the form of an evil gangster. But, better to be the villain than nothing at all, right?