Indian Couple Split Over Husband’s Decision to Live With ‘Homeless’ Male Friend

An Indian woman identified as Karishma, 30, is filing a domestic violence charge against her husband Salman, 39, having learned, after 10 years of marriage, he “changed his sexual preference after having two children with her.”

And just how did she find out her husband wasn’t who he, ahem, used to be?

After the wedding, they had a normal married life. In 1998, she had a son name Razak (name changed to protect identity) and then in 2000 another son was born to them. Karishma recalls, “Salman used to trouble me after marriage. He constantly demanded money and abused me many times. But I tolerated it. He was earning a decent amount by driving a rickshaw and had a part-time fish business. Salman demanded money from my parents as he wanted to establish another business. During my second pregnancy, he insisted that I go to my parents’ house.”

She further alleged, “After three months, I returned to our house as Salman did not even see our son’s face when I was in the hospital. I came home and found Salman with a man called Danni. Salman told me that he was a friend and was homeless. He then insisted that I go back to my parents’ house. One day, when I returned to our house, I found photos of Salman on the wall. He was wearing a saree and salwar suit. My older son asked me whether Salman was dating someone and who the woman in the photograph was. I told him he was his father.”

“When I asked Salman about this transformation, he told me he wanted to earn fast and easy money. He also said that he would divorce me and asked me to marry another man. I then left the house as I could not digest the fact that my husband was having sex with another man.”

Harsh. And without much job training, Karishma is in a lurch. That, and her soon-to-be-ex-husband is attempting to get full custody of the children.

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