Indian Govt: Ignore Health Minister’s Gay Claims

Infighting continues over same-sex love over in India.

A High Court last week ruled that their colonial era prohibitions should remain, but some in the government, particularly the Health Minister, insist the law, called Section 377, does more harm than good. But government leaders aren’t having it and told the Court yesterday to ignore Minister Anbumani Ramadoss pleas, which include highlighting the rate of HIV infection among shamed gays.

…The Government on Monday told the Delhi High Court not to consider Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss’s views on legalising gay sex among consenting adults and said Section 377 of the IPC was “the will of Parliament and the people, how so wrong it may be”.

“Your Lordships can ignore the statements of the Minister…his statements cannot change the law,” said Additional Solicitor General PP Malhotra on Monday before a Bench of Chief Justice A P Shah and Justice S Muralidhar.

Such a stance astounds us – if a health official insists a population – and a nation – are in danger, we would be inclined to believe them.