Indian Newspaper Discusses Bisexuality


The Times of India fooled us into thinking we were reading HX with its recent story called “Could You Be Bisexual?”. It discusses in almost too much detail the state of bisexuality in Indian society, and makes a few provocative statements of fact, including “While discourse about bisexuality may be surfacing in recent times, it’s as old as human civilisation. It pre-dates evolution of humans.” And it even talks about how the gays view the bis, “Homosexuals describe such bisexuals as greedy and fickle, selfish people who just can’t seem to make a commitment.”

The article is so succinct, and so accurate in a black and white sort of way. We love this type of journalism.

Our favorite quote from the story involves a woman whose husband left her for another man after five years of marriage. Looking for a little consolation from her therapist, he told her, “99% of men are homosexual and they only marry to have children.”

What a great statistic! It sounds like India is the new P-Town.

Could you be bisexual? [The Times of India via Pinknews]