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Indian Theaters Banning Gay Bollywood Film Dunno Y For Its Un-Family Friendliness

Friday was supposed to see India’s first gay Bollywood film Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyun hit the big screen in a wide release roll out that would force the nation’s audience to stare, mouths agape, as two dudes kissed for all to see. Thank goodness some theater operators had the good sense to ban the film from their screens.

Two cinema groups — Cinemax and Fun Cinemas — refused to release the film, says Kapil Sharma, who appears in Dunno Y as a married bi guy. “They told our distributors that ours is a gay film and their theatres are meant for family audiences. They don’t want to entertain a film with gay content. Cinemax in Versova even refused to put up the standee of our film because it showed me and my co-star in a love-making posture. Some of the so-called enlightened sections of Mumbai feel the problems of the gay community are now solved, just because nowadays weekend gay parties happen at shady joints. And also because Section 377 has now been abolished. I wish these misguided liberals would look around to see how difficult life is for the gay community.”

But just like the story of Dunno Y‘s star Yuvraaj Parasher being disowned by his family for appearing in the movie, all this controversy can only drum up interest. Telling moviegoers than cannot see the film only makes them want to see it more.

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  • peteNsfo

    Ignorance is bliss, eh? Guess what, India, gay happens!

    Perhaps India doesn’t know how the rest of the world perceives them…

    Well, release it in the US then. If it’s really ‘Bollywood’ with singing and dancing AND sex scenes… I predict a major Hit within the Gay Communitay! lol

  • Polyboy

    I am sick to death of “family friendliness.” It’s a played out lie. There’s nothing friendly about lying to children and painting an unreachable rosy picture of the world.

  • RTM

    “Guess what, India, gay happens!

    Perhaps India doesn’t know how the rest of the world perceives them…”

    What a comment peteNsfo!!

    You think an incident involving private Indian multiplexes refusing to screen a gay film qualifies you to make generalizing statements about the whole of India??

    Perhaps, you aren’t aware what Indians perceive of the West…. ignorant bigots, who refuse to grow up!

  • AL

    Oh, yeah, as I predicted, you guys will now defend India at all cost even by mocking the West. India isn’t exactly a gay heaven, in case you didn’t know. If a move like that was refused to play in America, you would be marching in protests and screaming ‘bigots’ and ‘haters’. If the movie is refused to play in India, what do you guys do? That’s right, you will protect and defend their right to be a bigot, just like you defend the alleged rights of Muslim fascists to torture and kill gays (aka Queers for Palestine). What’s the name of the group of people with this sort of moral relativist mindset? You got it: LIBERALS.

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