Go, Hoosiers

Indiana Campaign To Stop Anti-Marriage Amendment Launches With Big Corporate Support

While a number of other states are trying to figure out how to pass marriage equality measures, the Indiana state legislature is considering partying like it’s 1999 all over again by passing a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. (Marriage equality is already forbidden by statute.) After all, this is the state where same-sex couples can get thrown in jail just for applying for a marriage license.

To block the passage of the amendment, opponents have formed a new coalition, called Freedom Indiana. Their goal is to head off passage of the amendment, which would require voter approval in 2014.

The coalition has some big corporate backing. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and manufacturer Cummins, both Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Indiana, are financially supporting the group.

Just as important tactically, the new group will be run by Megan Robertson, a Republican political operative with extensive campaign experience in Indiana. At the group’s kick-off event, Robertson said, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re straight or gay, male or female, young or old, rural or urban, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. This is a bipartisan initiative that requires all of us to work together to protect our Indiana constitution.”

In fact, a poll released last year showed  a majority of Indianans don’t support a anti-marriage amendment and in fact are evenly split on their support for marriage equality. Given the rapid movement in public opinion, it’s not hard to imagine that the state GOP, including Gov. Mike Pence, have chosen a losing issue. Not that that will stop them, of course.

Photo credit: Freedom Indiana’s Facebook page