Indiana GOP Guv Candidate Wants To Aid Families, Just Not Gay Ones

On Friday Indiana Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence rolled out his plan to help two-parent households combat the still-flagging economy. Except those parents would have to be married heterosexuals to benefit.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Pence explained he wanted to aid “two-parent, in-tact households,” as part of a larger plan to boost Indiana’s economy.

“I actually think we could create a broad consensus around this where we say in effect, ‘Are there ways for us in Indiana to affirm two-parent, married couples and to encourage more kids to get married, to stay married and to wait to have kids until they get married?'”

Pence said his plan didn’t include same-sex couples because they’re not married. “Our focus here is on an affirmative statement about traditional, two-parent married couples.”

Currently an Indiana statute outlaws same-sex marriage, and an amendment banning marriage equality constitutionally has been put forth in the Legislature every year since 2004. Pence is the frontrunner in the Governor’s race against Democrat John Gregg, who also opposes marriage equality.

Sheesh, how are you supposed to vote when neither guy is on our side? And how do single-parent or unmarried hetero couples feel about being left behind? We should be reaching out to them.

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