Indiana Pizzeria Receives More Than $135,000 In Donations After Vowing To Discriminate Against Gays


UPDATE: As of 6:15 EST Memories Pizza has collected more than $265,000 in donations. Here’s hoping the pizzeria’s owners do the good Christian thing and give that money to charity rather than pocket it all for themselves. 

Just in case you were concerned about Memories Pizza in Indiana going out of business after owners Crystal and Kevin O’Connor announced yesterday that their pizzeria would not make any pizzas for any same-sex weddings, you can relax. The “Christian establishment” is doing just fine financially.

The pizzeria came under fire yesterday after saying it would refuse to cater a gay wedding, despite the fact that no same-sex couples ever asked it to. As a result, the O’Connors claim they were forced to shut down for the day after receiving a barrage of bad Yelp reviews and some crank phone calls.

“I don’t know if we will re-open,” Crystal O’Connor told conservative media yesterday, “or if we can, if it’s safe to re-open. We’re in hiding, basically, staying in the house.”

Turns out, going into “hiding” proved to be pretty profitable for the homophobic duo. Because while the O’Connors were hunkered down in their living room watching FOX News praying, a GoFundMe page was set up for their business and it raised more than $135,000 in less than 24 hours.

The fundraiser was set up by Dana Loesch of Glenn Beck’s network TheBlaze, and Lawrence B. Jones III, a contributor to the network.

“Nobody should ever have to suffer or suffer alone for their faith, for standing up for Christian principles,” Loesch preached during her broadcast before soliciting donations on the O’Connor’s behalf.

Kevin O’Conner later told the Daily Beast that he has never been asked to cater a gay wedding, adding “I don’t have a problem with gay people. I just don’t condone the marriage.”

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