Constitution Confusion

Indiana Republicans Want To Make Sure Their Gay Marriage Ban Sticks


Although same-sex marriage is technically banned in Indiana, marriage quality opponents are having a hearing today in an attempt to make it official.

WIBC in Indianapolis is reporting that the Indiana House Judiciary Committee will hear arguments today to write the ban on gay marriage in Indiana into the state’s constitution.

Undoubtedly unnerved by the recent wins in New Mexico and Illinois, proponents of House Joint Resolution 3 feel it is necessary to write the ban into the constitution so that it is protected from being potentially overruled by the Indiana Supreme Court.

However, in the race to deny gay and lesbian couples marriage equality in the state, Republican representatives seem to be a bit confused. From the Evansville Courier Press:

The committee, whose membership includes state Reps. Thomas Washburne, R-Evansville, and Wendy McNamara, R-Mount Vernon, will weigh the language of the proposed ban, formerly known as House Joint Resolution 6 but filed this session as House Joint Resolution 3. The committee also will review a companion bill to the proposed amendment that Republican legislative leaders say explains its intent and helps clear up concerns over how the amendment will affect the state.

Two separately-elected General Assemblies must approve the amendment before it can go to a statewide referendum. If the same wording is passed this session, the amendment will go on the November ballot.


So…not only has the ban had two different names, but it needs a companion bill to explain it even further. Seems like a lot of work to go through in order to deny Indiana gays and lesbians their rights, and it also seems like Indiana Republicans are a bit spooked.

We’ll keep you posted on how this one progresses.