Indiana Stage Collapse Kills Awesome Lesbian; Lawsuits To Undoubtedly Follow

WARNING: The video above shows a stage collapsing on a crowd and may be disturbing.

Awesome 29-year-old LGBT-health advocate Christina Santiago was among those who died Saturday night when a flimsy stage at the Indiana State Fair collapsed during a windstorm, killing four others and injuring Santiago’s girlfriend Alisha Marie Brennon along with 44 others. This is why we don’t go state fairs anymore.

The crowd had been waiting to see country-music duo Sugarland Saturday night when 60-70 mph winds caused the metal scaffolding, lights and other stage equipment to come toppling down.

Santiago (pictured far left with Brennon) had long list of badassery including serving as the programming manager for the Lesbian Community Care Project at Chicago’s Howard Brown Health Center, participating in Amigas Latinas, and being featured in the Windy City Times’ 2007 “30 Under 30” list.

Governor Mitch Daniels called the windstorm a “fluke” and fair organizers say that their on-site meteorologist and the National Weather Service only predicted 40 mph winds. But AccuWeather meteorologist Mike Smith told CBS News, “It was very predictable. We put out a warning for 60 mile-an-hour winds a full half-hour before the stage collapse occurred.”

Our meteorologist predicts a coming storm of lawsuits.