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Indiana State Rep. Jud McMillin Hates Gays, Loves Dildos In His Butt

Uh oh, scandalettios! Indiana State Rep. Judson “Jud” McMillan might be against gays, legislatively speaking, but he sure loves to put things up his ass. Allegedly!

After making a public call for gossip about the state’s anti-gay politicos, the website Bilerico finds a doozy of an example in McMillin, whose rectum has been reportedly photographed with a dildo inside it while a person who looks very, very similar to him is masturbating.

The young freshmen legislator, who represents a southern Indiana district on the Ohio border, grew up in the area and when he’s not climbing on his moral high horse to vilify gay and lesbian relationships, he represents businesses at his family law practice – a firm that has more than once helped hide his many brushes with the law.

Not only have we learned about McMillan playing a game of “leapfrog” (where you and a friend race your cars against each other in oncoming traffic) that cost one driver his life and the life of his now-widow’s still-born baby, but that during his career as a prosecutor he began an inappropriate relationship with a female victim. Though the two did date, you could say it was under duress — and she ended up suing him. But not before …

According to two sources close to the case, the photos were incredibly graphic. One photo reportedly shows McMillin masturbating and using a dildo on himself while others were simply of McMillin’s genitalia. In one exchange, McMillin is alleged to have texted Stapleton that he was heartsick being separated from her and sent photos of himself masturbating with a string tied tightly from his testicles to the wheels of a rolling office chair to illustrate his pain.

[…] Stapleton and McMillin ended their relationship soon after her affidavit was filed (with the pornographic text messages and photos submitted as evidence) in Gonzalez’s criminal case. A year later – and after Gonzalez’s court case had been resolved – Stapleton sued McMillin in civil court for $25,000 [pdf] for legal legal1.jpgmalpractice, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and breach of fiduciary duty. In papers filed with the suit, her attorney alleged that “McMillin repeatedly contacted Stapleton in the guise of his role as prosecutor, while, in fact, pursuing a romantic relationship.” “McMillin made inappropriate personal contact with Stapleton which culminated in a sexual relationship,” the filing continued. “McMillin exploited his position as prosecutor in connection with Stapleton’s as a victim and unwilling witness in a prosecution.”

Since then, McMillan has used his legislative seat to approve a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions. Which was to be expected: On his website, he writes, “I will protect the integrity of the institution of marriage. I believe that a marriage is a union of a man and a woman before their peers, government, and most importantly, God. In southeastern Indiana the family has always been the foundation of our strength of community. Our relationships with our wives, husbands, parents, children, siblings and other loved ones provides the glue that binds our common purpose. In these times of turmoil the rest of the country could learn something from our example.”

Such as, how do properly insert a dildo into one’s anus?

Of course enjoying anal pleasure doesn’t make McMillan gay, nor a pervert or a deviant. But that’s precisely what he’d have you believe all of you people are, when he enjoys many of the same rear sensations.