Indiana TV Station Nails Daniel to the Cross

the book of daniel

An Indiana NBC affiliate has decided to remove the new drama The Book of Daniel from it’s line up because of several complaints it’s received from viewers (read: one batshit televangelist told his audience to write). The new show stars hottie Aiden Quinn as a conflicted, pill-popping Episcopal priest with a, shock of shocks, a gay son.

The AFA says NBC is promoting the show as a serious drama about Christians, but calls Quinn’s character “a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her midday martinis.” In a statement, AFA Chairman Donald E. Wildmon said, “We are tired of NBC’s anti-Christian bigotry.” The group also points to a gay character as another problem with the show.

Actually, we at Queerty encourage stupid moves like this by the anti-gay lobby. More publicity for a quality drama that explores actually complex issues. Hell, a few more boycotts and the show might reach number one. Actually, we’re hoping the American Family Association boycotts us.

NBC Affil Drops Daniel
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